Just a couple of days back, Priyank Sharma’s MTV Splitsvilla X co-contestant and girlfriend Divya Agarwal broke up with him after he started getting close to Benafsha Soonawalla inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. It all started when Priyank didn’t acknowledge his relationship with Divya while talking about his love life to Hina Khan. In fact, he said that he has a special someone in the US.

Divya, Bigg Boss 11, Priyank Sharma

Which didn’t go down well with Divya? However, the final nail in the coffin was when Priyank started flirting with Benafsha. This is when she decided to dump him.

Priyank, who obviously is completely unaware of his break-up continues to get more and more close to Benafsha. In fact, She has now shared a video of both of them cuddling each other on the bed. And this has further angered Divya, which is quite evident from her caption, which reads, “FRIENDSHIP?
I Won’t give him a second chance for sure (sic).” Check out the video right here:

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Soon after Divya broke up with Priyank, she stepped out to launch her music video. We interacted with her at the event, and she opened more about Priyank and his behavior inside the house. In fact, she almost broke down while talking to us and requested fans to not look up to Priyank and Divya as an ideal couple.

Divya, Bigg Boss 11, Priyank Sharma

While Divya is clearly upset and doesn’t want to give Priyank a second chance. Beanfsha’s boyfriend, Varun Sood doesn’t want to jump to conclusions this soon as in a Live video on his Instagram account. He made it clear that he will talk to Benafsha once she is out of the house.

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