Fan’s Campaign For Dark Matter Season 4

Following Syfy’s choice to drop the space musical drama arrangement Dark Matter after three seasons. A fan crusade emitted trying to discover the show a new home, and as per the arrangement maker, that exertion may really be working.

Fan's Campaign For Dark Matter Season 4


Made by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, Dark Matter disclosed on Syfy for three seasons as a feature of their late spring programming. The show recounted the tale of six culprits called the Raza with no memory of their past lives.

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With a profound concentrate on science fiction components, the show built up a steadfast and energetic fan base. On September 1, Syfy wiped out Dark Matter after 39 scenes. Fans, with assistance from the cast and makers striving to get the show, grabbed by Netflix.

Joseph Mallozzi wrote in his blog entry about the endeavors of the fans to keep the show alive. However, he concedes that moving the show to a system is a longshot. He stays positive that the fan crusade is impacting different systems.

Mallozzi has not uncovered who the “three potential accomplices” are but rather has more than once talked about exchanges with invested individuals.


Last Friday, a fan crusade on Twitter. He utilized the hashtag #RocktheRaza amassed more than 124,000 tweets and could drift at #1 in New York. Mallozzi and individuals from the cast likewise took an interest in the occasion. More than 40,000 marks have been added to an appeal to spare the arrangement.

As indicated by Mallozzi, fans are wanting to “shake the web” in another Twitter occasion with the likelihood of astound visitors. Like last Friday’s occasion, fans made a request to utilize a hashtag to make it a slanting theme. Mallozzi is promising to discharge bloopers from the show while likewise facilitating an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit. The cast, makers, and fans trust that their endeavors will inhale new life into Dark Matter.

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