The Lions King

The Lions King is an ‘experiment’

Disney’s animated classic The Lion King was a test project for a famous film studio, according to one of its directors, the Lion King itself is interesting as the history behind this project, which was more than two decades ago, at the time of development “B-Type” was marked as production.

The Lions King was an 'experiment'

At that time, many seasoned Disney artists chose to work on more attractive and formulaic Pocahontas, leaving the studio’s new ones to lead the charge of The Lion King. The end result, however, was surprising as a box office record for all animals by all animals, and most importantly, continued Disney’s long tradition of coming up with continuous animated stories.

In the case of animated films, it is considered as one of the best, the story of The Lion King was unique among other Disney hits, there is no human character in it, so that filmmakers have to work extra hard to ensure Inspired that the movie searches for complex and underground emotions through its narrative.

The Lions King is an ‘experiment’

Fortunately, the film did a great job in this regard; Whether it is the words of Rafiki’s intellect or the story of Simba’s exile and return to the last rock, people related to the story.

Nevertheless, one of the most influential conspiracy points in the film is the intermittent death of Mufasa, which co-director Rob Minkoff has now revealed, was a controversial decision when Lion King was back in production.

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“This is a studio Institute, is not it? Because this is not just a movie, it is a Broadway stage show, this is the sequel and the new TV series … This is even more interesting, so it is interesting that one of the things [ The Lion King remake director Jon Favreau] said that I sounded very attractive, she told me, “If today we are the first to make this film, the studio did not kill us ever Mufasa. “Because it’s not in the first reel.”

The Lions King is an ‘experiment’

“So it is not a film like Finding Nemo, killed the mother, but it is in the first scene, and then it becomes a prelude, but we have no emotional attachment. Mufasa as a really important To kill the character, in the middle of the film, I am not literally in the third reel, in particular, it is not just what you do. You do not necessarily do this, so we Not by design but by the fact that it was not based on anything, and it was an original story, and no one knew what the rules were. So we said, ‘OK, I think we will try.”

The Lions King is an ‘experiment’

One of the Mufasa death debate over the worst Disney animated films, however, went to be allowed to their tragic deaths and tap into human emotions without the Lion King events without any real human characters.

If Minkoff and its co-director Roger Allers decided to take that sequence on the film, then it is very likely that by this date, there is no such passionate resonance with the people.

The prestigious death scene and the remaining Lion King will return to the big screen in 2019, this time with the fairy tale of Jon Favreau’s CGI classic story. Donald Glover is tapped to play Simba, while Billy Eichner is the voice of Timon, Seth Rogen voice of Pumbaa, John Oliver is voicing Zazu and Chiwetel Ejiofor is voicing Scar. Meanwhile, James Earl Jones is set to reprise his role as Mufasa in Favreau’s retelling.

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