Mithun Daughter Dishani

Mithun Daughter Dishani – Filmy Graph

Mithun Daughter Dishani – Filmy Graph

Dishani is the daughter of Mithun and Yogita Bali. Mithun and Yogita Bali have three sons, Mahakaksh (Mimo), Ushmi, Namshi.

Mithun Chakravarti adopted Dishani when she was a baby. We have seen how Nawi, Zanvi, Sara, and Samra attracted attention on social media. now its turn of the daughter of our own disco dancer Mithun Chakraborty’s Daughter. Dishani Have 30,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Looking at Instagram’s posts, it seems that she has to follow the steps of his father,
Mithun Chakravarti.

Dishani loves to shoot pictures.

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Her pictures scream ‘selfie addict’ loudly.


Her fashion game is on point!


Dishani likewise appears to love Snapchat filters

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Gorgeous, isn’t she?


  She is a true Daddy’s Girl 

At the New York Film Academy.

As far as we have heard, Dishani has done a course in acting from the New York Film Academy.Dishani is absolutely ready for Bollywood, as you can see from these pictures.
Dishani Chakraborty is one of the star children of today, who likes to make a style statement with his clothes. She wears clothes with style and pancash overflow and looks pretty in every dress. She is agreed as the next star kid who will make a much hyped debut.


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