Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmation of about all Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe motion pictures will leave Netflix once the Mouse House launches a streaming service of their own. Bits of gossip about Disney settling on such a choice began to rise only a couple of months prior when it was declared that Disney is developing a streaming service for all of its own films.

Star Wars & Marvel Movies Are Officially Moving From Netflix

Star Wars & Marvel Movies Are Officially Moving From Netflix

Star Wars & Marvel Movies Are Officially Moving From Netflix

The proposed service would bring Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and some other Disney made a film under one spilling umbrella. However, upon the underlying talk of such an administration, it was not clear if things would really shake out that way.

Star Wars & Marvel Movies Are Officially Moving From Netflix

After the report surfaced, another came that Netflix was effectively working with Disney to keep two beloved franchise on the world’s greatest streaming administration. However, it appears they’ve come up empty in such a request, as both MCU and Star Wars movies will leave Netflix by 2019.

Iger confirmed the news during a Q&A at a Bank of America Merril Lynch Media, Communications, and Entertainment Conference. Different reporters were in participation to hear what Iger needed to say, and Ricardo Lopez shared the news about the change on the web (see below). As indicated by Iger, “We’ve now chosen we will put the Marvel and Star Wars motion picture on this application also.”

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From a business viewpoint, it is reasonable why Disney would need to carry their two greatest franchises with them. As they launched a service that would contend directly with Netflix. Not exclusively will the draw of being able to stream theoretically any Star Wars or MCU film in a flash be engaging for fans.

But it also opens up the door for original content to be included later on. Although such designs have not yet been confirmed. Disney will without a doubt have the capacity to offer more individuals on the presence of yet another spilling administration that they have to subscribe to – if they can put Star Wars and Marvel at the forefront.

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