Suicide Squad Still With Harley Quinn & Joker

David Ayer has once again implied at his inclusion in the Harley Quinn vs. The Joker in Suicide Squad movie. Set inside the DC Extended Universe the movie came as an expansion to the state of motion pictures in early advancement prior this year and keep in mind about the venture.

Suicide Squad Still With Harley Quinn & Joker

Suicide Squad Still With Harley Quinn & Joker
David Ayer

Suicide Squad Still With Harley Quinn & Joker

We do know Glenn Ficarra and John Requa will be composing and coordinating separately, with Margot Robbie and Jared Leto repeating their parts as Harley and Joker. Geoff Johns additionally looks set to deliver.

In spite of 2016 DCEU release Suicide Squad getting some significant negative reviews from critics, many concurred. That Robbie’s execution of Harley was one of only a handful couple of sparkling minutes.

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It’s earned her a main spot in the forthcoming Gotham City. Sirens creation close by unannounced on-screen characters for both Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Which David Ayer is reputed to be coordinating. Presently, the chief is causing a thunder with his web-based social networking action with regards to the Harley Quinn vs The Joker film.

We’ve seen (via CBR) that Ayer has been fanning the flames of rumors suggesting he’ll be a part of the film’s production, with the Suicide Squad writer/director taking to Twitter to post a still of Harley and the Joker from that very movie. Check it out below:

Many DC fans, in any case, believe that the Extended Universe could do with some fresh recruits. Patty Jenkins made a fantastic showing with regards to as of late, coordinating Wonder Woman and being an essential piece of making it such a win. Permitting the Gal Gadot-drove flick to take in finished $800 million in the worldwide film industry.

Ayer didn’t exactly coordinate those numbers with Suicide Squad, however. He has considered mix-ups he made with that film and said what. He may change on the off chance that he could go back. Whatever the case might be with these characters. We anticipate that this one will move on for quite a while before anything’s an unavoidable reality.

We’ll expedite you more data Harley Quinn vs The Joker as and when we get it.

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