Superman Celebrates Wonder Woman’s Blu-ray Release

The Man of Steel Superman himself, Henry Cavill, observes Wonder Woman‘s Blu-ray release, excited to watch the motion picture once more. Before Wonder Woman hit, a portion of the more typical inquiries being tossed around was about whether standard mainstream audiences would respond to a female-drove hero movie from a producer.

Superman Celebrates Wonder Woman’s Blu-ray Release
Patty Jenkins On The Set Of Wonder Woman

Who hadn’t coordinated an element in finished 10 years. Inside a principal couple of long stretches of its discharge. The inquiries took a 180-degree turn: “For what reason aren’t there more female-driven superheroes movies,” and “for what reason wasn’t Patty Jenkins offered any real activities since Monster in 2003?”

Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman featuring Gal Gadot as the main character might not have made as much as whatever is left of its DCEU partners in its opening end of the week yet because of fantastic surveys by critics and strong word of mouth.

Superman Celebrates Wonder Woman Blu-ray Release

It continued relentlessly rounding up gobs of cash week after week. Presently, at $819M around the world ($411.65M residential) Wonder Woman is the most astounding netting DCEU motion picture in the US, and second most elevated earning comprehensively. Normally, a significant number of the film’s fans are energized for the arrival of the Wonder Woman Blu-ray – even Superman.

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The DCEU’s Clark Kent has shared a photo on Instagram of himself with a copy of the film, imploring his fans to go out and buy a copy. You can check it out below.

Superman Celebrates Wonder Woman’s Blu-ray Release

And additionally, including the base film to watch to your heart’s content. The Wonder Woman Blu-ray has a selection of interesting extras. The most exciting is probably a two-and-a-half minute bonus scene featuring the hilarious Etta Candy. In this scene, she gathers the rag-tag team back together to discuss a secret mission involving a Mother Box. This, of course, ties into Justice League, set to be released in November.

In addition, the Blu-ray likewise also comes with special features that focus on Patty Jenkins’s vision. For the motion picture and character, and how she created a portion of the greater minutes in the film, similar to the radiant fight scene on Themyscira.


  • Justice League release date: Nov 17, 2017
  • Aquaman release date: Dec 21, 2018
  • Wonder Woman 2 release date: Dec 13, 2019

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