10. Central Intelligence – Calvin Joyner was voted in high school the guy most likely to succeed. 20 years later he’s an accountant. As his high school reunion approaches, he tries to make contact with his old schoolmates. And someone named Bob Stone contacts him. He says that he was known as Robbie Weirdicht in school. Calvin remembers that he was picked on, as a matter of fact after an extremely nasty prank he left school.

Top 10 Movies You Will Like if You Liked Deadpool

Top 10 Movies You Will Like if You Liked Deadpool

Top 10 Movies You Will Like if You Liked Deadpool


9. Tropic Thunder – if any movie competes with Deadpool in terms of hilarious and gratuitous violence its Tropic Thunder.Ben Stiller directed film follows a group of actors stranded in dangerous and drug cartel filled jungle. They think they are part of some hardcore guerrilla filmmaking experiment, but unbeknownst to them, they are actually in serious danger. Robert Downey Jr and Jack Black this comedy shares a similar sense of humor to that of our favorite merc with a mouth

Top 10 Movies You Will Like if You Liked Deadpool

Top 10 Movies You Will Like if You Liked Deadpool


8. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – If you like that slow motion opening action sequence in Deadpool you will love this movie adapted from Bryan Lee O’Malley series of graphic novel Scott pilgrim vs the world loses with a unique visual style that true its source material takes its cues from manga and video games the story is about Scott pilgrim who must defeat all the evil exes Of his love interest Ramona flowers the premise is a pretty ridiculous


7. Johnny English – Rowan Atkinson (Our Mr. Bean) plays the eponymous lead character in a spoof spy thriller. During the course of the story, we follow our hero as he attempts to single-handedly save the country from falling into the hands of a despot. Written by Alistair Knight


6. Last Action HeroJohn McTiernan if you’re not familiar with this director name you will surely recognise his body of work which includes all time classic like predator die hard and the hunt for red October, in other words, has one of the greatest action directors ever .this film is about a young movie fan who’s magically transported into a film alongside his favorite action hero played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


5. Zombieland – like all great movies, Zombieland and Deadpool are essentially love stories..dead pool is about wage undying love for his beautiful prostitute turned girlfriend Vanessa. Zombieland about Tallahassee’s love for twinkies.
Okay, that might not be the central plot what we’re trying to get across is both films have heart Furthermore they both succeed in mixing r-rated comedy with action and violence. A wicked sense of humor is something they also share so much so that if you enjoyed one of the two we’re willing to bet you will appreciate the other.

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4. Hot Buzz – Edgar Wright the director of this film is something of a cult icon in the movie world he’s responsible for several are rated action comedies including this one and Shaun of the dead. Suffice it to say his style would be popular with anyone who enjoyed Deadpool the plot of hot fuzz follows the London cop who’s transferred to a small town with a dark secret


3. Kickass – Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training. Written by Daniel J. Leary


2. Shoot him up. This is one wild ride alone man sits at a bus stop A strange pregnant woman is chased down by thugs. It’s simple to set up that one quickly becomes one of the most over the top r rated action movie ever made.


1. Kingsman the secret service – its actions comedy based on the comic book by Dave Gibbons and Mark Miller and in case you don’t know Miller is one the biggest name in comics, And now the Kingsman 2 is coming. So get ready for a bang!

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