In the wake of the news that Leonardo DiCaprio featuring in the Joker starting point motion picture would be Warner Bros.’ pip-dream, advanced craftsman BossLogic has conveyed a fan workmanship rendering – giving us a superior thought of what Leo as the psychopath comic book villain could look like.

Leonardo DiCaprio Joker

Leonardo DiCaprio Joker

DiCaprio is one of the greatest on-screen characters in Hollywood, an amazingly conspicuous face that is turned out to be synonymous with quality performances and projects. In this way, when the news broke that he’s the “fantasy pick” for the Joker root motion picture that Warner Brothers and DC are chipping away at, there were blended responses. For one, the movie may be delivered by Martin Scorsese, who is Leo’s go-to chief since the two worked on Gangs of New York in 2002.

Will Leonardo play the role of joker?

Furthermore, Leonardo DiCaprio has shown himself to be an adaptable on-screen character as the years progressed, making him a not very stunning decision on the part.But is it possible that he’s too famous for the role, given how important it is that audiences see the Joker as a harbinger of destruction and not just another actor playing the character?

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In case you’re having a little inconvenience imagining what DiCaprio as the Joker would look like, celebrated around the world advanced craftsman Boss Logic has assembled a touch of idea rendering of what Leo would look like as the Clown Prince of Crime. Obligingness of Comic Book, BossLogic’s thought on the potential throwing (see the picture underneath) blends a few of the past iterations of the character. All made-up and psychopathically evil, DiCaprio looks like an amalgamation of the other adaptations of the infamous villain that have come before him.

Note that this DiCaprio news came civility of a component piece by The Hollywood Reporter and is not official news, but rather just insider discuss the studio’s expectation. The odds of DiCaprio joining the task are “thin to none,” and truth be told, Scorsese is not authoritatively appended to the venture yet either.

Leonardo DiCaprio

What we do think about the Joker source story without a doubt is that it’s set to be coordinated by Todd Phillips (The Hangover set of three, War Dogs) and is separate from the DC Extended Universe. There are many fans exhausted of the thought as of now, and others may well be befuddled by the out-of-universe approach. Regardless, keep checking Screen Rant for more news on this Joker beginning stage film, including who Warner Brothers can truly land for the lead part.

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